Wet Nursing or Adult Breast Feeding

I am not sure what you would call it, Wet Nursing, Adult Breast feeding, a Fetish, or maybe even a Perversion ! Whatever you would like to call it, I am sure there are loads of us out there, who love the idea of being breast fed by a woman with a voluptuous pair of breasts.

Well I know for certain I am one of those types of person who does love that lovely thought, what better way to be comforted by a woman with an ample supply of breast milk?

This is more of a test post really, just to see what interest is out there.  If there is enough interest, maybe we could get some Adult Breast feeding items articles or even events up and running. Not sure of what for all this will take, as it is still just an idea!

If you have any ideas or interests on the subject, then maybe you would like to get in touch, and see what if anything we can get going.

Being as I am UK based, I suppose it is best to keep it focused on the UK area at the moment.


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